Trekking Transcanions, from 8/18 to 8/26.




Saída: 18/08/2022
Chegada: 26/08/2022

Nível 8 - Intermediário

R$ US$ 400.00

Sobre a Trilha

Basic information:
Date: from 8/18 to 8/26.
Total walking distance: 228,896 km, distance measured by GPSmap 66i Garmin.
Meeting in city of Porto Alegre RS: departure at 08:00 on Monday 08/18.
Trekking level: intermediate 8, suitable for experienced and physically well prepared participants.

Tickets for the trek (price per participant):
US$ 400.00 by Western Union or PayPal.

• First-aid kit.
• Trek leader / guide.
• Access fees on private properties.
• Individual insurance for each participant.
• Transfer from Porto Alegre RS to the trail.
• Campsite on the eve in Bom Jardim da Serra SC.
• Digital photos of the activity taken with a professional camera.
• Tracking every 10 minutes via Garmin inReach. Your family members will know where you are.
• Stay at Farm Pontão on the fifth day, including dinner and breakfast.
• Stay at rural inn Capão Rico on the second day, including afternoon snack, dinner and breakfast.

Not included:
• Equipment and clothing for personal use.
• Transfer back from Cambará do Sul to Porto Alegre RS. There are daily buses.
• Compensation or reimbursement for items lost, forgotten or misplaced during the trekking.
• Food (except for what is explicitly mentioned above). Each one will be responsible for their own meals. We will have 2 supply points during the trekking – where one can make new purchases.
• In case of withdrawal from the trekking, of their own volition, health problems or any other reason, the client will be responsible for the extra costs resulting from the withdrawal.
• Refund of the amount paid in case of abandonment of the event. There will be no refund, even in case of desistence, health problems or any other reason preventing you from continuing the expedition. There will be no refunds for unused services such as insurance, transport, fees and any other services that are part of this program.

For questions and more information:
@clubetrekking on Instagram.
Clube Trekking on Facebook.
WhatsApp: +55 55984071646

Pontos visitados

TRANSCANIONS: THE LARGEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL TRAIL IN THE SOUTH OF BRAZIL!529ª Trilha - Travessia Morro da Igreja x Serra do Rio do Rastro - Bom Jardim da Serra SC_355

Travessia Cânion Laranjeiras x Serra do Rio do Rastro SC 01
529ª Trilha - Travessia Morro da Igreja x Serra do Rio do Rastro - Bom Jardim da Serra SC_222
Travessia Cânion Laranjeiras x Serra do Rio do Rastro SC 02


Travessia Serra do Rio do Rastro RS x Serra da Rocinha SC é com o Clube Trekking Santa Maria RS 03
Travessia Serra do Rio do Rastro RS x Serra da Rocinha SC é com o Clube Trekking Santa Maria RS 01 

O que levar

  1. three-seasons tent with duralumin poles, weighing a maximum of 2 kg;
  2. trekking backpack with a belly strap suitable for carrying weight;
  3. sleeping bag with comfort temperature of -5ºC or extreme of -23ºC;
  4. insulation mat suitable for cold;
  5. waterproof and breathable hooded anorak / parka;
  6. clothing suitable for practicing sports and for the climate;
  7. if you want hot meals, bring a stove, gas cartridge, pan and utensils.

We will send a checklist by e-mail to participants who confirm a vacancy.

Informações técnicas

Cumulative elevation gain: total ascent of 4261 meters, and total descent of 4576 meters. Therefore, trekking with a lot of accumulated ascent and accumulated descent.

Lowest elevation point: 957 meters of altitude. Highest elevation point: 1552 meters of altitude. Average altitude: 1226 meters.
Maximum slope uphill 15.6%. Maximum slope downhill -15.3%.
Average slope up/down: 2.9% and -3.1% respectively.

Outras informações

Trek leader:
Luciana Moro
Guide for 9 years.
Deuter athlete in Brazil.
Physical Education undergrad at UFSM.
Mountaineer since 2011
17 distinct Andean ascents of summits above 6000m – #2 among Brazilian women.
Partner and of Clube Trekking Santa Maria and Bota na Trilha store.

Event Regulations:
  Depending on weather conditions, group performance and other reasons of force majeure, we may have to change the planned course of the trail – whether for everyone’s safety or to keep with the schedule.
2 . The trail will only be carried out with a group of at least 3 participants and at most 4 participants.
3.  Clube Trekking Santa Maria perform trekking activities, i.e, physically demanding hikes in natural environments – it is not a touristic trip. This is not recommended for people with any degree of obesity, heart problems, knee/joint injuries, diabetes, osteoporosis, or any other serious conditions. Since this is an adventure sport, the participant is exposed to risks, such as: falls in slippery places or steep slopes, insect bites, venomous animals, dog bites, scratches, allergies due to flora and fauna, drowning, hypothermia or hyperthermia depending on weather conditions, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention and to strictly follow the instructions that the guide provides about safety during the activity. Always make sure you are physically fit and experienced enough for the activity.

Cancellation and early termination fee policy:
In case the participant gives up or cancels the participation, regardless of the reason, termination fees apply according to the following table. The termination intent must be communicated through a written message, by e-mail or What’s App. The table reflects how many days before the beginning of the activity the communication was sent:

Advance Termination fee percentage
more than 30 days 10% of the total amount
between 30 and 25 days 20% of the total amount
between 24 and 21 days 35% of the total amount
between 20 and 11 days 50% of the total amount
between 10 and 7 days 70% of the total amount
less than 7 days 100% of the total amount

The amount of the termination fine will be increased to compensate for costs such as bank fees. We are not responsible for air/bus ticket rebooking/cancellation costs.
This policy is in accordance with EMBRATUR’s normative resolution nº 161 of August 9, 1985.

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